Meet Kourtney

Name:  Kourtney E.
Occupation: Front Office Coordinator

Number of years with MNFD:  3 years

Hometown:  New Glarus, WI

Family/Pets?  My significant other Bill & our 3 Cats – Bigboy, Ralph, & Raji (:

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A Crime Scene Investigator – I’ve always been interested in science and anatomy

What was your first job?
My first job was being a nanny for a local family, but on the weekends you would find me working at the local Ice Cream Shop in downtown New Glarus

What are your hobbies/interests?  
Well besides my love for eating… I recently became interested and fell in love with archery! I also love going to tractor pulls, jet skiing/boating, snowmobiling, and camping in my free time.

What is your favorite sport to watch and/or play?  
I enjoy playing volleyball and softball, and of course watching the Packers/Badgers in the fall

What is your biggest pet-peeve? People who chew with their mouth open… the sound drives me bonkers

What was your favorite band(s) in high school?
I never had a favorite but I was always a fan of Linkin Park, 3 Days Grace, Luke Bryan…

Where is your favorite vacation spot?
I’ve been blessed enough to travel many places but my favorite trip so far has been a visit to Cozumel Mexico with my sister as a graduation present

Name one thing on your Bucket List:
I would say Skydiving but I recently got to experience that so, I would say my next items is to shoot a Big Buck with my bow!

Do you have any hidden talents?
Those close to me may already know this but others have yet to experience my belching skills. I can belch out just about any name/sentence on command.

What are you really bad at that you’d love to be great at?
Cooking… I mean I have a handful of recipes that seem to turn out good, but I wish I had more time to try out others recipes!

What is something about you that might surprise us?
I come from a larger family, being the baby of 7 children – there is a 20 year difference between me & my oldest sister; I am also blessed with 15 nieces & nephews as well as a great nephew (:

What is your favorite part of working for MNFD?
The People--- whether it’s the patients or my coworkers. These people are like my family, every single person makes up such a big part of our team. Needless to say there’s never a dull moment around here!
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