About the Artist

Featuring Art from Kristina Brewer 

My interest in art began with my grandma entertaining me when I was young by drawing for me. To this day, watching someone create art completely fascinates me. I am fortunate to have an imaginative and inspiring family.  I am a self-taught artist just like my creative family members.  My approach to teach myself about art is to observe beauty in nature every day and create what I love.

Two ways I cultivate inspiration for my art is to grow it in my garden or buy a plane ticket to find it.  My favorite subject matters for my paintings are ocean landscapes and flowers.  I usually paint from a photo I've taken using it as a general idea for the painting.  I paint at home in a sunny room overlooking my garden.  I mostly create paintings in acrylic on canvas; however, I also practice other mediums such as watercolor, pencil, ink, color pencil, and markers.  Thank you for taking the time to view my collection and having the interest to learn more.

Much of this collection was created following two visits to Hawaii. I used acrylic paint on canvas to easily re-create the vibrant rainbow of colors seen everywhere in Hawaii.  The ocean is my favorite color and I am completely inspired when I am near it. 


All pieces on display are the originals created by Kristina Brewer.  Professional artist prints of the originals are available.  Please contact Kristina for more information kruxbin@gmail.com and please follow me on Instagram at @xtinabrewer.