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About the Artist

Featuring Art from Lisa Fredrich 

Artist Bio
Lisa Fredrich is a dental hygienist in Madison, WI who has become a self-taught hobby painter. Her journey in painting started just one year ago as she looked to find more activities to fill her free time.  She also has done snow and sand sculptures, intricate pumpkin carving, and has dabbled with pen and ink drawings with watercolor.
Artist Statement
As I go through the day to day, I find much joy in nature and the relationship of contrasting, vibrant color. In these pieces I attempt to share that joy and happiness with those who view them.

These pieces are solely acrylic on canvas.

My goal as an artist is to keep perfecting my technique and fully finding my own personal style.  My paintings and other artistic activities will remain a therapeutic outlet for me, as I expect my number one passion will always be the art of dental hygiene.